Overnight smashup in Jamaica Plain

Hyde Square crash. Photo by Hugh Gilmore.Hyde Square crash.

Hugh Gilmore photographed this crash outside Fat Ram's Pumpkin tattoo parlor in Hyde Square in Jamaica Plain about 1 a.m. that left a pickup flipped, a light pole snapped and the driver of a small sedan taken away in an ambulance.

Jamaica Plain Patch has more.

Allston shop gets tattoed by out-of-control SUV.



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Free Tattoo?

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Two in a week - that MUST be a conspiracy! (LOL)

Will the reopened businesses in question offer to tattoo "MASSHOLE" on some foreheads?

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i've long admired that

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i've long admired that Bronco, i think it belongs to one of the Behan bartenders. Must be heartbreaking for someone, I hope it can be rehabbed

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