Patrons try to save Ups N Downs

The following is a letter, signed by 90 people, that was submitted to the Boston Licensing Board and the Mayor's Office of Consumer Affairs and Licensing before their hearings this week on the seven-stabbing closing in February at the Neponset Circle bar (the licensing board meets this morning to consider what action, if any, to take):

We understand there is a hearing and meeting that will occur this week with the owner of an establishment named Upstairs Downstairs (aka Ups n Down), 469 Neponset Ave, Dorchester, MA. This letter is to share with you some information you may not know about this establishment and there fore may be quick to judge it from the incident that occurred early Saturday morning February 18th, 2012.

First, this incident impacted each and every one of us. And to define 'every one of us', that means the regular crowd that calls this establishment 'their' bar. We are group of hard working people that vary in age, race, and economic status. This bar is a reflection of what this wonderful City of Boston is about. The bouncers who were hurt and impacted by this tragic incident are loved and respected by the patrons who frequent and support this establishment. We have all been traumatized by this unfortunate situation, but this is not a reflection of what this establishment represents in our community.

If you were to walk in one afternoon/evening/night, this is what you'll see. Anywhere from 2 to 30 people, from all walks of life, sitting at the bar. These individuals who know each other from years of frequenting at Ups n Downs from either sitting around the bar socializing watching football, basketball, hockey, the news or just to talk. There will be conversations about their work week, stories of life experiences, raising children … actually about anything at all. You'll see a bartender greet you with a big smile and ready to share wisdom and even a shoulder to cry on when needed. It's a powerful moment when an entire bar is having a conversation with each other, and 'this' happens on a regular basis.

Come on a Sunday afternoon and see what it's about. You'll walk in and see a bartender who smiles, knows your name and loves to dance. Then if you'd like stay later where a new bartender who starts and has the biggest heart in the world who knows everyone's birthdays and makes sure there is cake and a card! Or you can come on a Friday afternoon when another bartender has some of the best advice and shares her life experiences while you share yours. She has jokes for days and can make you laugh on your worst days. But don't stop there come on a Wednesday when upstairs is open and it's karaoke and everyone just has a blast with singing, dancing and most likely 90%, if not 100% of the people are mingling and talking. Oh and don't let it be your birthday because you can bet that you will get cake and a card signed by all the regulars!!!

Then try a Tuesday night where the bartender has the funniest stories and watch the dart team play another local dart team and catch some Celtics/Bruins games. Then maybe a Thursday when the DJ plays music that reminds you of growing up and the bartender who is young but knows every word of each song.

I'll even take it a step further to describe how much of a community/family we are by sharing a few recent stories which is a reflection of what we do on a regular basis. One of our Ups and Downs family member passed away. She and her husband have been long time regulars at this establishment. We all pulled together and contributed money to help the family with funeral expenses as well as comforting the family with visits, phone calls, cards and food donations.

We support each through so many situations. I know not many people understand the bond we have developed through this establishment but we can surely tell you there aren't many places like this, it's even better than a “Cheers”. This is a place if you need an electrician, plumber, mailman, lawyer, nurse, dentist, auto repair … or just a friend, it's at Ups and Downs.

We submit this letter in hopes that you look beyond what the media hype continues to portray this Boston establishment as and see that this is a place in the City of Boston that represents what the City of Boston is about, a tight nit community. Closing this establishment only takes away from the community, takes away a place of comfort and support for many people, us.



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Nice, I'm looking for a good dentist and some advice.

And I'll be damned if I don't come on my birthday and there isn't a cake and card waiting for me.

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ups and downs, no shoulders to cry on

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i only recently started hanging out at this bar and i gotta tell ya, nobody knows my name. i was looking for a place where i could hang out at the bar and talk about my kids but nobody really seemed genuinely interested in my sons new daycare situation.

i was having a bit of a tooth ache one evening and i asked a few people which guy was a dentist? i was told that since i was a new patron there were quite a few people that would gladly remove my teeth at no charge. i think i only need a filling, so much for that.

the bartenders have some funny stories. one guy was talking about the night, years ago, whitey bulger came in and tipped over the cigarette machine because it "wasnt one of his". i didnt really get it but 90% of the people at the bar thought it was prettty funny.

so, honestly, last night i kinda soured on the place. i came in and went directly upstairs for some karaoke. i was singing sweet caroline and really having a good time when some guy came up, told me to shut up, and lifted his jacket to expose what looked to be a large buck knife (at least thats what we used to call them when we won them at carnivals when i was a kid). im not really sure what that was all about but then i started to realize that maybe they were getting ready downstairs to cut my BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!!! i went back down and sat at the bar next to some guy that was sleeping, figuring he was part of the elaborate plan to surprise me with my cake and card. time passed slowly and a few guys kept going to the bathroom, the same 3 guys, one after another, over and over for at least three hours.when i tried to use the bathroom i was intercepted by one of the guys and told it was a "private party". i dont know what was happening there either. anyway closing time rolled around and the young friendly bartender told me to get the f--- out. no birthday cake, no card.

im not sure ill be going back and you can be damn sure im going to give them a bad yelp review.

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If ...

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Well "bostnkid" ... If You had done the 2 things that we respect in that place (As a regular customer, dart team player/Captain as neeeded, and occasional employee myself for the past 22 years) and simple used Your real name and personality instead of hiding behind something like "bostnkid" + quite obviously a STRONG feeling of entitlement/Napoleon complex, and maybe possibly even considered chatting about the history of the place on every wall around You - where you'd probably find some kind of connection to SOMETHING relating to your life, You just MIGHT have gotten a round or 2 from the customers in honor of the occasion while you were there.

I can guarantee if I didn't get a cake after all those years, it's because I had at least three more drinks in front of me all night from the regulars, dart teams {the visiting team AND ours} AND the Bartenders. I'm very glad I won't see more people like You weho weren't raised in quality, respectful, traditional, and honorable families with a second family to watch out for them when You start trouble.

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