Police: Man picked the wrong commuter-rail conductor to mess with

KaneKaneA conductor on the Old Colony Line confronted a man he says stole another rider's wallet - and got him to turn over the woman's wallet and money.

Steven Kane, 34, of Bridgewater, was arrested on a charge of larceny from a person around 5 p.m. yesterday at the Lakeville/Middleboro commuter-rail stop, the MBTA reports. According to the T, a 53-year-old woman awoke from a nap as the train pulled into the station and noticed her purse was open and her wallet gone. A woman sitting behind her pointed to Kane:

A conductor also observed this and he followed Kane out of the train and to a white Honda. He told Kane to give the victim her wallet back. At first Kane denied that he had the wallet, but then he stated, "Take the fucking wallet", and threw it in the conductor's direction. The victim said that money was missing from the wallet. The conductor told Kane to give her the money back and Kane retrieved the money from his other pocket and gave it back to her. Kane stated, "I only took like 50 bucks". Kane stated that he found the wallet outside of the train on the ground. The conductor stated that he observed Kane from the train to the vehicle and he did not pick anything up. While being placed in the police cruiser, Kane changed his story by stating that he found the wallet on the train.

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