Real downer: Upper Crust shuts down

Pesky bankruptcy and all that. But the West Roxbury Upper Crust remains open - it's a franchise owned by a West Roxbury family, not the battlin' chain owners.



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Can you believe this? Some real scumbags here...

From the Globe article:

(Attorney)DeGiacomo said Tuesday that the company had not made employee health insurance payments since August, and did not set aside money for state meals taxes. He also said the co-owners, Huggard and Higgins, and the company’s chief financial officer paid themselves a month’s salary in advance on Nov. 1.

Can't wait to see how the Andel-douches find a way to spin this one.
That is if I can stand listening to them making moronic fun of Elizabeth Warren for one more moment...

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Upper crust = dross

Dross is the impure which floats to the top of melting pots.

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Great. Now where am I

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Great. Now where am I supposed to get dumpster pizza?

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