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Robbery at riflepoint at Chestnut Hill T stop

G.A. Robinson reports somebody had their cell phone stolen around 8 p.m. at the Chestnut Hill stop on the Green Line by a black man and a Hispanic woman with a rifle.



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On the orange line the thugs carry knives in the wealthy suburbs they carry automatic weapons. The Green Line is becoming a moveable crime scene.

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the Brookline Projects acting up again- a ton of robberies on the D-line, and those BU muggings a few months back.

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I don't think so - its a pretty long haul from the area which you seem to be referencing the CH stop (although less so from the "Brookline Projects" off Cypress St. south of Rt. 9). If someone from there wanted to rob someone, they'd do it around BU, as those imbecilic kids did.

I think this was a planned robbery for a few reasons. First, this is not necessarily the "wealthy suburb" environment that most envision when they hear that phrase (i.e., it is not Wellesley, Weston, etc.). There are lots of different people from all walks of life constantly moving in and about this area. You've got hugely wealthy people who live up by the CH School, etc., but you've also got lots hard working people from all over the Boston area who work at The Mall (or "The Street" as they now want to call it) and use the T to get to and from work.

There is also a small but non-trivial group of people looking for trouble and opportunities to cause trouble. For example, some of the younger workers seem to be harassed by other people from the neighborhoods where they live. I remember one instance where I overheard a kid working at the Star ask a co-worker if he could give him a ride home and if they could leave from the back because he noticed some bad kids he knew from the neighborhood (I didn't hear which) hanging around out front. I remember thinking to myself how shitty it was that here was a kid trying to do the right thing, and how people were determined to prevent him from doing it.

The short and long of it is that I think someone knew the victim, knew what time s/he got off shift and drove over to the T stop to wait. After all, it would not be the easiest thing in the world to conceal a rifle on the Green Line.

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