Scott Brown lashes out at Elizabeth Warren for questioning his record

NY Times:

Ms. Warren’s new 30-second spot is the first to venture off ground and is a sign of how much the race is intensifying ahead of the first debate next week.

After supporters expressed concern to The Boston Globe that her previous ads failed to connect her on a personal level with voters or link her to Massachusetts, the new ad is about as Massachusetts as you can get.

It features Art Ramalho, Micky Ward’s first trainer, speaking in his gym in Lowell in a Massachusetts.

We can spot the real fighters here in this gym,” Mr. Ramalho says. “Elizabeth Warren is a real fighter. I don’t know about Scott Brown. He’s been siding with the big-money guys.

Mr. Ward, the boxer who was featured in Mark Wahlberg’s movie “The Fighter,” had been prepared to endorse Mr. Brown a few weeks ago but backed off at the last minute. The Lowell Sun said that Mr. Ward realized belatedly that Mr. Brown was against unions and against same-sex marriage...

She’s got heart, she got guts and she’s not gonna back down,” Mr. Ramalho says in the ad.

Mr. Brown said in a statement that the Warren advertisement was not true, though he did not specify what was untrue.


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Scott Brown is in denial

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The things Warren says about Scott Brown's record in the Senate are true. She cites the votes. That Scott Brown is denying it is an amazing act of denial.

Oh, and that is a GREAT ad.

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