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Second worker at state lab suspended over drug tests

The supervisor in charge of a state-lab chemist under investigation for possible improprieties related to drug tests has been put on leave, State Police said today. Complete statement from State Police Colonel Timothy Alben:

Today we placed an additional lab supervisor on leave pending the outcome of the investigation. This action was taken because the supervisor was responsible for overseeing the work of the lab chemist currently under investigation, and thus was deemed a proper administrative action while the investigation is ongoing. There is no evidence suggesting wrongdoing or malfeasance on the part of the supervisor at this time. We are also in the process of compiling a database of cases the chemist in question worked on and will be providing that information to prosecutors and defense attorneys next week. This will allow them to begin re-evaluating their clients’ cases and determine appropriate next steps. As we said yesterday, the allegations of wrongdoing and potential implications for our judicial system are very concerning. Our job now is to continue to work with the Attorney General's Office to get to the bottom of what went wrong, assign accountability where it is warranted and prevent this type of breach from happening again.



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