Some trains forced to take detour through central Massachusetts due to shutdown of Charles River bridge

Norm Vigeant posted a photo of three MBTA locomotives and a commuter-rail coach crossing a causeway at the Wachusett Reservoir in West Boylston on Saturday.

Normally, the T would use the Grand Junction bridge (the train bridge under the BU Bridge) to move cars from its repair facility in Somerville to points south, but the bridge was shut last Wednesday for some emergency repairs, changing what used to be a 7-mile trip into a 108-mile loop by way of Ayer and Worcester.

Via A.P. Blake, who says the bridge could be shut for another couple of weeks.



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Didn't Menino want that for trucks always?

I recall Boston City officials didn't want trucks going through Boston, instead wanting them to travel many extra miles going around the city, on a permanent basis. The box truck on a flatbed is one of the rare cases, where surface routes or going around the central artery makes sense.

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Not all trucks

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The city didn't want trucks carrying hazardous cargoes (gasoline tankers, say), driving through the North End and nearby streets. The city never voiced opposition to trucks carrying, say, produce or furniture.

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