Statue locked up in shuttered Green Line entrance gets new life on college campus

MBTA photoMBTA photo.Forty years ago, artist Dennis Kowal loaned the MBTA his "Constellations" statue for installation at the Hynes Green Line station.

The T installed it along the walkway to the Boylston Street entrance, where it's gone largely unnoticed in recent years, since the T's locked that entrance up. T spokesman Joe Pesaturo reports:

Therefore, the artist contacted the MBTA in his efforts to locate a new venue. When the artist found the new location at Wentworth, the MBTA agreed that this was in the best interest of the artist and the artwork. T personnel helped to ensure the sculpture was safely moved.

There's an official dedication at Wentworth on Saturday.



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So it took the T 40 years? Why the rush?

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