Man's shooting arrest no game

Steven Gayle wanted to create a room where people could come and compete in video-game tournaments on Xboxes, WIIs and PS3s.

Now, however, Gayle sits in jail in lieu of $250,000 bail, charged with shooting two men in the head at a Chinatown strip club, allegedly after they got into an argument over them sitting in the same booth as him early this morning.

The Jamaica Plain Gazette reports Gayle lived in the same Mendell Way house over which state Rep. Liz Malia got herself arrested in an eviction protest.

In business documents, Gayle listed the address as the location of the Game Room, his video-game business - which he readily admitted was not doing as well as he had hoped, because he couldn't get any banks to loan him money to expand.

Instead, he tried to sign up large numbers of people to play in Modern Warfare 3 - Call of Duty, NBA 2K12 and Madden 12, and he sought donations:

Donations made to The Game Room will go towards improving the gaming experience for all Game Room patrons. A portion of donations will go towards scholorships for youths entering college and want to persue a career in videogame programing or computer engineering.

On his Web site, Gayle says he is the father of two and himself a victim of a shooting.


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Wow. He got shot and as a

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Wow. He got shot and as a result got on the dole but is ok enough to play video games and shoot people in strip clubs. That's awesome.

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