Storm smacks Arlington

Arlington damage

Marc Choquette posted this photo from Arlington, reports:

Looks like an absolute war zone in Arlington right now.

The National Weather Service's Skywarn network reports:

Confirmed microburst in Arlington Mass, numerous trees, branches and wires down.

More specifically: The southern part of town along Marathon Street between Broadway and Massachusetts Avenue and Grafton Street. Bus service along Mass. Ave. was disrupted as crews tried to remove downed trees.

Andy took a number of photos of the destruction, including this one of a tree at Waldo and Amsden:

Destruction at Waldo and Amsden.Posted under this Creative Commons license.

More photos of Arlington destruction.

One town over, Audra Myerberg reports:

It's like the storms went around Lexington and hit everywhere else. Nothing here.




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Just missed THAT, I guess. Driving down Boston Ave. in Medford at about 6 p.m., water was coming out of the covers on storm drains, and I saw one cover that had been lifted out and was lying about 3 feet away from the hole in the road.

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I Live nearby

The damage in East Arlington was amazing and depressing. Every single street had trees down and many streets were impassable by car. Dozens of 30-40 year old trees with roots pulled out. Lots of damage to cars, houses and yards. About ten times worse then Irene. If I didn't know better I'd think a hurricane or tornado came though. Very strange how it hit East Arlington hard but little damage to nearby Cambridge or West Medford.

My tomato plants also got damaged badly but I can't complain seeing as how much worse off so many people are

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Parking Karma

By on

Patch had a car-owner boo hooing about their new car getting crushed. What she didn't say was that she had been obnoxiously parking that car in her neighbor's designated spot.

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It's the worst damage I've ever seen

I live near the Mystic and my neighborhood is a total mess. Many trees were knocked down, surprisingly the ones that came down were pretty sturdy while the rotten one in front of my house was undamaged.

Mystic Valley Parkway from Rt 60 to Rt 16 has trees down in the reservation areas along the road, take a right on Rt. 16 and no down trees anywhere. It's wild.

I was on the bus on Broadway when the storm hit. The bus driver did a good job soldiering on when he could barely see through the pouring rain. He eventually had to detour off of Broadway due to downed trees and power lines. Most of the side streets between Broadway and my house were blocked so I had to take the major roads to get home.

Afterwards the entire neighborhood was out taking photos and taking a look. I heard tree chippers and heavy equipment out all night cleaning up the damage. Only damage to my house was a small tree limb missing. Looks like I was a block north of the worst of it. A couple of houses had wires taken down and one person's car got a little smashed.

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