Teacher at desirable West Roxbury elementary school under investigation; principal removed

The Globe reports a teacher at the Joyce Kilmer School is under investigation by police and school and state child-protection officials for "inappropriate contact with students" and that the school's principal has been removed from his position.

The Globe says Superintendent Carol Johnson announced the news - along with news that the principal at the Frederick Middle School in Dorchester has been put on paid leave for possible "inappropriate" use of funds - on Friday night, the traditional time for announcing bad news.

The Globe said school officials released few details - including which of the Kilmer's two buildings the teacher worked in.

The Globe adds Johnson is also conducting a "full review" of her leadership team following criticism and calls for her own ouster over the apparent protection given an O'Bryant School co-headmaster who beat his wife.

Several of Johnson's top administrators butted heads with the City Council earlier this year over issues ranging from expired frozen foods to a school relocation plan.

State officials, meanwhile, criticized the way BPS buys textbooks and stopped payment for renovations to Hyde Park High School.

Even Mayor Menino, a strong Johnson supporter, had to lend one of his administrators to the school department to help it deal with last fall's busing crisis, in which hundreds of students started the year either not getting to school at all or arriving seriously late because of changes to bus routes.



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