Times like these call for superheroes

Mr. Snowplow Running off Big Dig Debt. Photo by Rob Bellinger.

The T Riders Union organized a pack of superheroes to fight evil service cuts and fare hikes at an MBTA hearing in Somerville.

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I was there i was hoping we could recruit the Guardian Angels to patrol the trains on a volunteer basis. They were a lot more effective and cheaper than the security guards who check my bags at North Station

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T Breakdown = "Deval"

Keep it in mind as tonights commute shapes up for a massive T fail.

Anytime a train breaks down, it Devals, Deval-ves, or Deval-uates.

The more people tweet "red line dumped everyone off at Harvard - there was an earlier Devalled train blocking the tunnel at Porter", the more we can stick him with the consequences for effing the entire state's economy over with his lack of leadership.

Any collision based delays should be associated with the Lt. Gov.

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