Track work that's slowed Red Line for two days not related to track work that shut line on weekends for four months

Joe Pesaturo at the T reports:

Over the last two nights, workers have been replacing some rail in the southbound section between Porter and Harvard. It will be finished tonight, but in the meantime, a speed restriction of 10 mph is in place on this section (normal speed limit is 25 mph).

The work that led to shuttle buses on weekends was related to the supports on which the tracks sit.



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I'm writing this from train

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I'm writing this from train full of people that's been sitting unmoving at Alewife for 20 minutes now (9:30 to 9:50am) No announcements. What's the reason for this problem? A zero mph speed lomit?

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The Red Line's signal system

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The Red Line's signal system is notoriously bad at maintaining capacity when there's any kind of problem or bunching of trains.

I thought that while the weekend closures were primarily to replace failed concrete floating slabs under the tracks, they were also trying to do other needed work while they had the chance. Was this rail problem a surprise?

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less love for the red line

I commute, a lot.
And I tend to be up on the alert, update, track work issues.
This one escaped me (was it even announced?) and then summarily screwed my Tuesday morning commute, put a serious stank on my Wednesday, and then gave me pause this morning. Do I opt for another route? Do I wait it out? Do I hope that the chip in my head finally learns to translate the mumbled gibberish the red line passes for announcements?

I have been a steadfast Red liner for years.
But after months of this nonsense, this was just a bit much.

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