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Transit, Quincy cops stop guy from throwing self off parking-garage roof

MBTA Transit Police say officers were able to stop a suicide attempt at the Quincy Adams garage Saturday evening.

According to his report on the incident, Transit Police Officer James Clark was on a routine patrol on the garage roof deck around 6:30 p.m. when he noticed a "visibly upset" man sobbing and running toward the deck's railing:

I observed him jump up onto the railing and proceeded over to him at a high rate of speed in my cruiser. I opened the door of my cruiser and yelled at him "Please don't go over let me talk to you for one minute, just give me one minute of your time." I managed to divert his attention to me while I tried to engage him in conversation. The 20-year old Quincy man was visibly upset,screaming at me to leave him alone, he didn't want to live, his family life sucks, his life and family was in shambles, this type of conversation went on for several minutes while I tried to calm him down.

Clark reports he managed to radio for help. Several Quincy officers arrived:

While speaking to him, I would signal a Quincy Sergeant to move closer when he was gazing over his shoulder. We managed to get within two (2) two feet of him. We lunged at him and secured him around his waist and arms while taking him into custody for his safety and the safety of the other rescue personnel.

The man was taken to Quincy Medical Center for observation.

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Bless the officers and bless this poor young man, I hope he gets a better life in this second chance.

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