Uncle Billy may ride the Red Line, but Mr. Potter doesn't

MBTA Transit Police report a Red Line rider and her cash were reunited this holiday season thanks to an honest fellow passenger.

Last Friday afternoon, police say, a guy on his way into town who was about to sit down at JFK/UMass started to move what he thought was some trash on the seat:

In doing so he noticed a five dollar bill protruding from the envelope. He then looked inside, the envelope was filled with cash. Unfortunately there was nothing to identify who the money belonged to. The gentleman asked all passengers within proximity if the envelope was theirs, NOT one MBTA patron attempted to falsely claim the money as theirs. The gentleman got off at South Station and immediately sought out police and handed over the envelope. The envelope contained $584.

On Tuesday, police continue:

[T]he rightful owner, a house keeper at a local hotel and a resident of Dorchester, came to Transit Police HQ, identified certain distinct aspects of the envelope the US Currency was in when lost and they were reunited with their hard earned money.



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