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Nigerian food returns to Boston

Suya wall.

Suya Joint, 25 Poplar St. in Roslindale Square, opened on Thursday, so Boston is no longer bereft of Nigerian food.

We stopped by last night for some takeout and got some of the eponymous chicken suya (thin chicken strips on sticks, dusted with spices), rice and chicken stew and akara (small fritters made of black-eyed peas.

It was good stuff. The spices were thick enough on the suya they almost had the texture of flour. Although not as moist as teriyaki (which it sort of looked like, if teriyaki were light brown), it went down well. The stew was fairly spicy and made a good dipping sauce for the suya and the akara, which, as fritters, basically need to be dipped into something (maybe next time, we'll try some fufu). Besides a drumstick and some breast meat, the stew had a couple of plantain slices.

It was about $23, more than enough for two people.

Here's hoping they do better than the Thai place they replaced. A liquor license is in the works.

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Excellent, now I have plans for tonight!

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I wonder if I could overpay my dinner bill using a cashier's check, then have them refund me the difference via Western Union?

I kid, I kid... I've put this restaurant on my "places to try" list!

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If you decide to try the fufu, remember these extremely important tip about how to eat it: swallow, don't chew. Otherwise, you won't enjoy it.

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