Who declared yesterday Dumbass Day in Boston?

In addition to the guy charged with robbing a bank at lunchtime with a gazillion cops around and the guy charged with being unable to hold anybody up at gunpoint, let us now consider the two alleged criminal masterminds done in when a cop wondered why they were pulling a 36-inch TV on a dolly behind their car down Spring Street in West Roxbury.

Boston Police report Constantine Papantoniadis, 34, and Stephen Costigan, 59, were charged with breaking and entering a dwelling, possession of burglarious tools and receiving stolen property after an officer decided to catch up with them shortly before 1 p.m. and ask what the deal was with the Sony Trinitron behind their rear bumper.

When asked how they came to possess the television, the suspects stated that a friend told them that the television was theirs for the taking, all they had to do was stop by and pick it up. Officers responded to the address where the suspects said their friend lived. On arrival, officers inspected the property and promptly noticed scratch and pry marks all around a sliding glass door in the rear of the property. Upon entering the location, officers noticed that the residence was in disarray with various items and pieces of furniture strewn about the location.

According to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, the two said they had permission from the owner of 15 Temple St. to remove the TV. Unfortunately for them, the person they named is now dead, and his daughter denied knowing them or giving them permission to remove the TV.

The two were arraigned today in West Roxbury District Court. They were released on personal recognizance and ordered to stay away from Temple Street.

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