Allston liquor store blames malware for theft of customer credit-card numbers

Blanchard's of Allston on Harvard Avenue has posted an apology and explanation for the way some customers wound up having their credit cards used for transactions halfway around the world.

Initially, reports from the experts were that there was no evidence of a data compromise in the Blanchard's systems. After receipt of still more recent complaints, Blanchard's continued with further investigation by another independent IT expert and malware in point of sale software was discovered on Friday.

Once the malware was discovered, the company immediately took down its primary credit card terminals. Blanchard's continues to investigate, but it believes that the issue was contained by Saturday and the malware neutralized and removed. At that time, the credit card terminals were brought back up.

Blanchard's continues to work closely with payment card brands and issuers to identify the accounts that may have been compromised, so issuers can employ enhanced fraud security measures immediately on potentially impacted accounts. In addition, the company is assisting federal and state law enforcement authorities with their investigation.




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Now that that mystery is solved, John Corey can get back to figuring out who it was on video in his store stomping on a dog crate with a dog inside of it at the time so the police can prosecute that felony too.

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