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Back Bay roof catches on fire

Neighbor watched fire from above. Via BPD.Neighbor watched roof fire from above. Via BPD.

UPDATED, 9:10 p.m.

A one-alarm rooftop fire at 182 Beacon St., near Clarendon, did an estimated $1 million in damage after it broke out shortly before 6 p.m., the Boston Fire Department reports. The department says investigators are still trying to pin down the exact cause, but say they have ruled out a barbecue fire.

The fire, which spread to the top floor before being doused, sent smoke into the air that was visible from Hingham. Was declared knocked down around 6:40 p.m.

The view from Brittany Delaney's window in Cambridge.The view from Brittany Delaney's window in Cambridge.

The view from the street, by Kristen Fritz.The view from the street, by Kristen Fritz.

Dense smoke. Photo by James O'Connor.Dense smoke. Photo by James O'Connor.



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There was a fire of some sort at the CVS on Boylston and Dartmouth Sunday afternoon. Anyone know what that was? Were these related?

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Things burned.

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Given it wasn't a barbecue fire, given the pictures it looks like an enclosure for the mechanicals is burning - probably an AC/heating unit. Happened about 6 months ago to a building in the first or second block of Comm Ave.

No idea what happened at CVS.

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My office building had a roof fire a while back - nothing this serious, but still smoked us all out. A backup generator unit for the elevators (kicks in and gets people to their floors if there is a power outage) blew a fuel line and caught fire.

These things happen.

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