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BU biolab to hold emergency drill during president's visit

And no doubt completely unrelated. If you happen to pass by the biolab on Albany Street Wednesday morning, don't worry about all the emergency vehicles you'll see parked out front - there'll be no Andromeda Strain release that day (besides, the lab hasn't yet gotten final approval to stock killer death viruses, let alone hexagonal killer death viruses from outer space).

This drill will simulate a security incident at the NEIDL. The participants in this exercise include: NEIDL operations staff and researchers, BU Public Safety, Boston Emergency Medical Services, Fire and Police Departments and the Boston Public Health Commission.

While the drill will have no affect or impact on neighborhood traffic, there will be a number of local emergency response vehicles parked at the NEIDL.

The drill starts at 9. The president is expected to pump up the crowds for Markey a couple hours later at the Reggie Lewis Center all the way on the other side of Roxbury.

H/t Discover Roxbury.


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