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City-council campaign seeks volunteers who don't care about issues but who love pizza

A detailed Craigslist posting from one of our gazillion city-council candidates seeks volunteers for a variety of campaign positions without saying who the candidate is or what positions he or she has on any issues. Well, except for fun. The candidate is big on fun:

Highly active volunteers will receive an appropriate title, will receive letters of reference and access to new connections, and will join a team that plans to have A LOT of fun. (This campaign believes in compensating volunteers in pizza and Sox tickets!) This campaign also expects to have A LOT of young professionals and college students involved. So meet new people, have fun, and help elect the best candidate for City Council!

Mystery Candidate is looking in particular for IT folks, GOTV, public relations and marketing coordinators, finance wizards and special-events planners.

The kickoff meeting for volunteers is Wednesday, so if you're highly, if vaguely, motivated and are seeking like people with whom to campaign, kick back and hook up with, this candidate could be for you!

H/t John Keith.


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"access to new connections"

Heh, not really hiding it, are we?

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Compare with how well current Boston City Council used technologies and software for Council Communications for the people, encouraging folks to follow City Council Public Meetings and make available the City Council Library/Archives/public records. More public records of Boston City Council could be posted at http://cityofboston.gov/citycouncil

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