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Correction: Proposed operator of downtown pizza place never sold healthier food

Last week, I reported on John DeSimone's proposal for a wood-fired pizza place in the long vacant restaurant space at 45 Province St., and mentioned that he "lists himself as the current owner of Muscle Maker Grill chain."

That was based on his LinkedIn page. Today, the page no longer lists any affiliation with Muscle Maker, which might have something to do with the note a reporter at another news outlet forwarded from Muscle Maker's PR representative:

DeSimone actually has no connection to Muscle Maker Grill. He had inquired to buy a restaurant at one point in time, but the deal never went through, so his only connection to Muscle Maker Grill was that he was a franchisee prospect.

Of course, this being the Internet, it takes awhile for things to really die, so attached is a copy of the cached version of his LinkedIn page before it was changed. And, of course, this being the Internet, I've learned not to take somebody's LinkedIn page at face value.

Image icon DeSimone's LinkedIn page last week0 bytes

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Any bets on whether he attended/graduated/walked through the halls of Harvard University as listed on his Linked In page?

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Well, to be fair, it *did* say "Less than one year". Zero is less than one.

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