Cullinane in the 12th Suffolk

The Dorchester Reporter reports on Linda Dorcena Forry's apparent heir apparent in the House of Representatives (since he won the Democratic primary in this Democratic city).



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He's been kissing babies since he was one, which wasn't that long ago. Nice going, Dan.

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Cullinane overcame some shameful opponents

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When all is said and done, Cullinane ran a positive and clean race. Many of us at the polls on Tuesday were stunned to hear blatant and unabashed racism from those campaigning for his opponents. Racist tactics are nothing new in politics, but when the younger generation of progressive politicians step up, after fighting racism around them because they believe in their soul it was wrong on their street and wrong everywhere, it's especially ugly to see it used by haters who just see a cheap opportunity to overcome laziness and incompetence on the part of the women running in the 12th Suffolk race this year.

Make no mistake about it, telling voters entering the polls that they should "Vote for one of your own" or "Vote for your people" is unambiguous racism.

This is a district much different that the one it was 20 years ago. Under the leadership of Tom Finneran and Linda Dorcena Forry, this district has become a low-crime, comfortable property value, friendly to small business place in which people want to raise their families.

Turning it into someplace where divisions are fostered to give a single person an advantage at the expense of everyone else in the district is disgusting. Especially when "everyone else" are the people the person is proposing to represent.

This district was not created as a majority-minority district to give hopeful candidates of color an easier road to elected office. It was created so that the many, many educated and savvy voters of color of the district could choose a representative that they believe would best look after their interests.

There was no trickery or magic in Cullinane's win, it was the 80% majority (voters of color) that decided Cullinane was the best person for the job and would best represent them. Cullinane won almost every single precinct in Mattapan handily.

The bigotry and cheap tricks of Cullinane's opponents in the race, rather than raising money and running a real campaign, is a true insult to the voters of the 12th Suffolk.

The people and organizations that endorsed either one of the women who were decisively defeated Tuesday, should hold them accountable for such despicable antics.

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