Delays again on the Green Line; Red Line train fills with smoke

The troublesome Green Line junction box, covered in foam. Photo by BFD.Yesterday's troublesome Green Line junction box, covered in foam. Photo by BFD.

No cable fires (so far) on the Green Line this morning, but delays caused by dying trolleys. Meanwhile, on the Red Line, one train, and its riders, wheezed into South Station around 6:45 a.m. Fatty tweets:

My train smells like it's on fire. ...

My train WAS on fire. It is no longer my train. We are in a smoke cloud at South Station because the brakes have been on since Dorchester.

I'm going to start slow chanting "refund" as soon as the smoke clears and I can breathe again.



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Try chanting "funding" instead

Stuck with massive Big Dig debt by the Legislature after the passage of "forward funding" in the late 1990s, the MBTA has lacked the resources to maintain, repair or replace equipment and stations. Want Red, Green and Orange line trollys to operrate without cable fires, brake problems and other maintenance issues, try chanting "funding" for operating services on Beacon Hill. You'll get more bang for your buck than a refund for this morning and yesterday's trolly problems.

And don't let MBTA management off the hook for the lame decision to purchase new equipment from companies outside the US that have failed to deliver.

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And when the chant of "fix-it-first" goes up, we can also say that restoring a system to what it was 50 years ago is not what this is about. We don't want to be riding in trains that are state of the art for when bell bottoms were cutting edge. The system needs to be more than "fixed;" it needs to be overhauled, precisely because we haven't done anything substantial on it for decades. And you know what, that costs money.

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