The doctor who would be governor

WBUR interviews Donald Berwick, who is thinking about running for governor next year.


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Steve Murphy

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I think you can safely say he's interested.

Also, just got a fundraising e-mail note from Felix Arroyo, so I'm going to guess he's running.

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City Council Staff Director. City Stenographer. City Messenger.

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Two important appointments at Boston City Council this year... Staff Director and City Stenographer. Also City Messenger. These appointments should be folks familiar with new technologies and software to advance the City Council's interactivity with the people. These appointments among the 100 or so Council staff are the go to people. Without advanced proficiencies in technology and software the appointments hold back the City Council interactivity with the people.

Boston City Council is badly behind the curve getting online the printed publications of the Council. For example...
City Council Publications
The City Council also offers the following publications when they are in print:
Organization of City Government (No Charge)
Contains the City Council’s rules and a listing of all city departments, boards and commissions and their officers and members.

Document #10 ($2.00)
Voter registration and election results for city and state elections.

Boston's City Charter ($7.00)
Major provisions of Boston's charter, detailing the responsibilities of the Mayor and City Council.

Muncipal Register ($10.00)
Contains a compilation of sections of the city charter, a history of Boston's origin and growth a description of each city department and notations on how they were established and a listing of past Councilors and Mayor's. (Temporarily sold out)

Boston Streets ($15.00)
A listing of all streets in the city including a description of the location ward and precinct, City Council District and zip code.

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OK, stop

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This post has nothing to do with city council stenography.

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