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Domino's can stay open longer in Brighton, but not quite as long as they'd like

The Boston Licensing Board last week gave the Brighton Domino's permission to stay open for delivery service until 2 a.m. Thursday through Saturday, potentially helping the company continue to support the entire Boston economy while lessening its ability to keep fueling drunken college students on all night benders.

At a hearing last week, the chain sought a 3 a.m. cutoff for deliveries from the outlet, with its representative saying with a completely straight face that late-night pizza delivery is helping to prop up the 21st-century Boston economy by giving overnight workers a way to refuel. He added delivery service would keep drunken college students off the streets. The franchise previously had to shut down at 11 p.m.

But Boston Police, the mayor's office and nearby residents said the chain's existing Allston franchise, licensed for 4 a.m. deliveries, was mighty enough on its own to keep the local economy from collapsing and that the residents whose homes surround the shop deserve some peace and quiet overnight. A Boston Police sergeant fretted about late-night deliveries "rearming and resupplying" hardy partiers, keeping them going even later in their boisterous, neighbor-disturbing ways.



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