Dot rat poised to take over at EPA

President Obama will nominate Gina McCarthy as the next administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. McCarthy, OFD, has a BA from UMass Boston. Maybe John King can interview her.





Gina is an..

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excellent choice for this position. I saw her speak once and her point was the corporations will always push back on environmental rules saying that it will cost more and depress the industry, economy or whatever. But she also pointed out how the GDP has increased exponentially over the past 40 or so years the these regulations have been in effect.


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not to mention

Environmental quality and testing businesses thrive under a sensible regulations. Businesses hire environmental engineers to test their emissions, air quality, etc to ensure they are in compliance. Enviro engineers make money....their clients who hire them make money (by not getting shut down).

They also usually hire *local* engineers so this is a good example of a win-win.

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