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Election roundup: Candidates oppose crime

New poll shows Connolly in lead, but with large number of undecideds.

Marty Walsh issued a high-school revamp plan that would include intensive "academies" for ninth- and tenth-graders, turning Madison Park into a good school, greater voke-ed opportunities for students at other schools who don't want to go onto college and more "alternative" schools for kids who don't do well in traditional settings. More on Walsh's overall education plan.

The Globe reports both candidates came out against violent crime at a forum last night.

Phil Frattaroli, who finished out of the money in the at-large race, is backing Michelle Wu. Planned Parenthood says it is backing Jeff Ross because of his support for a new sex-ed and health program in Boston schools. The group had already endorsed Ayanna Pressley and Jack Kelly.


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