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Election roundup: First mayoral debate tonight; people went to a fight and a casino rally broke out


Connolly's wife stars in his new TV ad.

Meanwhile, the Herald dishes on the Walsh homefront - he uses hair gel and likes "Grey's Anatomy." Besides his girlfriend, progressives in the legislature like Walsh (note to the Globe: Anthony Petruccelli isn't the only Bostonish state senator to make an endorsement: Sal DiDomenico is backing Connolly).

Popcorn ready? The first televised debate between Connolly and Walsh is tonight, starting at 7 p.m. on WBZ. Jon Keller will moderate; the Globe's Akilah Johnson will ask questions.

A nose-breaking fight broke out at a pro-casino rally in Revere, the Herald reports.

The Charlie Baker campaign apparently managed to keep a straight face in saying the mayoral campaign is sucking money away from them.

Francisco White, who ran for an at-large seat in the preliminaries, is moving to Charlotte.


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she is *lovely*, that ad totally works for me.

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