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Election roundup: At least three candidates tell Herald they gotta have aht; Help on the way for confused District 5 voters

UPDATE: Herald says it's changed the time of its forum to "accommodate a scheduling conflict by some candidates," which is certainly an artful way to put it.

Marty Walsh, John Barros and Bill Walczak say that on the evening of Sept. 9, they'll be honoring their commitments and appearing at a mayoral forum sponsored by MassCreative, which was announced weeks ago, rather than the forum announced just yesterday by the Herald, Suffolk University and NECN.

Walsh, who has a top advisor who's pretty well known in local arts and entertainment circles, tweeted:

Also, I'll be at @MASSCreative because I've been in Boston long enough to know I DON'T want a bad review from @JoyceKulhawik. #BosMayor

Felix Arroyo, John Connolly, Charlotte Golar Richie and Mike Ross remain to be heard from, although Arroyo's, Golar's and Ross's campaign site still lists the arts event: "Mike will share his message on culture and the arts."

Anti-casino candidate Walczak quips:

The Trojans thought the horse was a great deal too...

Help is on the way for District 5 voters confused as to which of the eight, yes, eight, candidates to pick to replace Rob Consalvo: Forums.

The Fairmount Hill Neighborhood Association holds a forum starting at 7 tonight at the Boston Police Academy, 85 Williams Ave. on, well, Fairmount Hill in Hyde Park. Wicked Local Roslindale moderates another forum on Sept. 12 at St. Nectarios Church, 39 Belgrade Ave. in Roslindale. Starts at 6:30 p.m. MassVOTE, the Boston NAACP and the Future Boston Alliance sponsor a forum on Sept. 16 at the Mattahunt Wheelock Community Center: 100 Hebron St., Mattapan. Starts at 6 p.m.

Mike Ross reminds you he is running:

Ross scored a hometown win last night: The Ward 10 Democratic Committee, which includes part of his home base of Mission Hill, endorsed him.

The Globe reports black business leaders are coalescing around Charlotte Golar Richie.

David Bernstein chats with incumbent Allston/Brighton Councilor Mark Ciommo.


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this makes the 3 candidates, Barros, Walsh and Walzcak, who confirmed their original commitment to the ahts look decisive and committed. While the others look wishy-washy.

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Hi -

I'm not Marty's campaign manager. That's the lovely and talented Megan Costello. I am his Policy Director (and unofficial arts and pit bulls advisor!)

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