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Election roundup: One candidate comes out against a new state tax; another releases his platform in Albanian

Dan Conley is against the new tax on software services.

John Connolly has translated his platform into several languages, including Albanian (for the burgeoning Albanian community in Roslindale, natch). John Nucci writes that Connolly, if elected, would be the first teacher to become Boston mayor.

Mike Ross wants to combine the city's street-worker program with the Boston Foundation's street-worker program to create one mighty anti-crime program:

We can't be afraid to look outside City Hall for the best ideas. StreetSafe is a non-profit program that does similar work to our city's Streetworker Program, but often uses different approaches and tactics. Combining them would not only save resources, but would help them learn from each other and focus on the strategies that work.

Marty Walsh has a lot of support by labor unions, and the Globe is on it. Adrian Walker writes the mayoral race has suddenly become interesting, but provides only one vague sentence to buttress that claim, then spends the rest of his column on typical insider handicapping stuff.

Michael Jonas looks at Charlotte Golar Richie's campaign and finds little there there, especially not when compared to the campaigns of people such as Mel King, Deval Patrick and Elizabeth Warren.

The Golar Richie campaign reports her father died on Sunday:

He was 84 years old and died of natural causes at Calvary Hospital in the Bronx, New York, with his two daughters at his side. He was a man of great stature in New York City politics during the last four decades of the 20th century, having served in various appointed positions and having sought elective office as well, during his career. He ended this illustrious career as an elected New York State Supreme Court Justice, serving on the bench for more than a decade.

David Bernstein chats with at-large Council candidate Keith Kenyon.



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Then how would they compete to see how many were arrested with guns each year? Biggest waste of taxpayer money going.

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