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Election roundup: Publishers of two newspapers endorse Ross in one, Connolly in the other

In Bay Windows, Sue O'Connell and Jeff Coakley endorsed Mike Ross:

A strong mayor needs empathy along with leadership. Ross has consistently and reliably been a leader on LGBT issues—most recently on the challenges facing our community's senior population. As mayor, his experience in both public and private life would positively inform his leadership of the city.

O'Connell and Coakley also own the South End News, and there they endorsed John Connolly:

His much publicized exposure of the waste in the school lunch program, his clashes with Menino, the Boston public school administration, and the Teachers Union prove that he is an elected official not afraid to shake up the status quo to get things done. And that’s exactly the type of leadership Boston needs, and deserves.

State Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz and state Rep. Russell Holmes endorsed Charlotte Golar Richie yesterday. State Rep. Byron Rushing has endorsed Felix Arroyo.

In the Globe, Larry Harmon writes that Golar Richie's campaign sucks so hard it makes him question her ability to be mayor:

Golar Richie's inability to seize this moment has surprised and saddened many who have watched and respected her for more than 20 years. If Golar Richie manages to make it into the final election, it will be because people like the idea of her candidacy more than they like her ideas.

The Dorchester Reporter issues no endorsements because there are just too many good candidates.

Dan Conley has LGBT friends.

The Boston Courant jams with Connolly.

WBUR reports on the last major debate before the election, held last night, says the mostly convivial banter was interrupted only with disagreements over various facets of the casino issue.

The Globe sums up the 19 candidates for four at-large seats.

The Herald enorsed Murphy, Pressley, Frattaroli and Wu. For the at-large council seats, Bay Windows likes Pressley, Murphy, Wu and Flaherty.



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So editors that editor BOTH newspapers decided to throw support between two candidates depending on which paper it came from. Something doesn't sit right.

Doesn't this mean that they couldn't decide on one? or just decided to be nice and split it between the papers?

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Both the Globe and the Herald endorsed two candidates apiece, but they did it in single editorials.

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Neither Councilor Ross nor Councilor Connolly have opened the public records of Boston City Council that have remained unavailable... of particular note the full plain English text Stenographic Record of Public Meetings of Boston City Council should be available to hard of hearing folks. Better to elect a Mayor from outside Boston City Council to put in to daily practice principles of open government accesss to public records.

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The South End News must want to bring ebola into the BU Biolab. Connolly is one of two candidates that support this.

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The discussion of the BioLab was over before it started. Once a mayor or governor of a city endorses something, public debate is a formality created to shut up the public. That is the nature of politics.

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