A final salute

Firefighters on I-93 in Boston

Sonia photographed Boston firefighters on the side of I-93 awaiting the passage of the hearse carrying the body of Sgt. Daniel Vasselian back to his hometown of Abington for burial this morning.



Without knowing St. Vasselian personally,

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I'm very sorry for the family's loss.

Come to think of it, I was driving south on I-93 earlier today to Bird & Reptile Connection (the pet store where I purchased my now-almost-4 year old pet Congo African Grey Parrot, Aziza), to buy some food and supplies for her when I noticed the firemen and the firetrucks not only on the side of I-93 South, but there were also groups of firemen with firetrucks standing on every single bridge from Quincy on down to where I-95 South begins, and was wondering what that was all about. Thanks for the heads up regarding what was happening.

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