Fire and ice for North Station commuters

Trains out of North Station this afternoon were either canceled or delayed due to a fire in the T's commuter-rail maintenance facility (the big blue building just outside North Station).




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Wow - looks like I lucked out today

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Usually take the 3:50 to Reading on Monday afternoons, but got the 3:00 to Haverhill today.

Although there's something a bit peculiar here - The fire was reported at 3:09 and was knocked down by 4:30. So it's interesting that the only cancellations that I received alerts for involved the outbound 5:55 to Reading and the inbound 6:38 from Reading. And I didn't receive any "North Side-wide" "expect delays on all trains due to fire" alerts either.

I mention this simply because the 5:55 (which I normally take other nights)/6:38 pair appear to be MBCR's equivalent of the Green Line E branch - if there's a way they can figure out how to anull the trains, MBCR will.

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Short turns always get canceled

MBCR will always sacrifice short turns, because the longer runs are less common and can still serve all the same stops. If they can do it and need to in order to save a full run, they'll do it. The most common short turns I see canceled is two of the Anderson-Woburn round-trip short-turns in the morning. On the South Side, they always cut Fairmount Line trains, as they have low ridership (Greenbush is, too, but it's infrequent and probably a political shitstorm to get caught canceling those).

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