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Good news for people who miss Blue Wave

Francois Firmin, who ran the Congress Street lounge for 10 years, hopes to open a similar lounge at 174 Lincoln St.

The Boston Licensing Board decides later today whether to let Firmin spend $610,000 to buy the liquor license and other assets of District at the same location.

At a hearing today, Firmin and his attorney, George Heos, said Savvor would be geared to customers in their early 30s to mid 50s seeking Southern food and small plates in a lounge atmosphere. Firmin said he would like to eventually add dancing, but would hold off an application for that for at least six months, to show the community he'll be a good neighbor.



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I miss the Blue Sands!

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I'm sure most of the community would not be opposed to people dancing at a lounge in the neighborhood. I currently live in the leather district and believe that it's not dancing that causes late night noise, it's drinking. However, this is something I took into account when I moved into the city. I thought I moved to Boston, not the town from Footloose.

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