Green Line must've really partied last night

Two trolleys are groaning and just refusing to get up, one at Newton Highlands and one in the tunnel between Hynes and Copley.

UPDATE: A train on the Greenbush Line got to East Weymouth and decided that's as far as it was going to go this morning. A trolley couldn't even get itself out of Mattapan Square.



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I read the headline, and then went to the update - for a second there, I got really excited that the ridiculous "landscaped" concrete median down Brighton Ave. had been torn up overnight. Oh, well.

Btw, the revised Universal Hub banner is sweet.

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There was a Green Line

There was a Green Line trolley sitting out of service after Northeastern around 130 today with some T personnel around it, I'd assume that one gave up too.

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That was in an accident, I think.

There was an accident at approximately 12:00 yesterday at Fenwood Rd. The train's coupler may have been damaged (a car rear ended it -- don't follow so close, moron) and it might have been taken out to make sure nothing else was damaged?

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