Green Line mystery answered... partially...

With MBTA management silent, what better way to get answers for the daily "E"xcuses than to ask an operator? It was brought to my attention that the elusive Huntington Ave construction is actually occurring somewhere on Route 9 in Brookline. The thought on the T's part is that this will cause traffic to back up all the way into Boston - even if it is between 9 and 5 - and thus impact the E Line enough to cause equipment shortages and delays.

The trolley operator's suggestion? "Complain, complain, complain. Make them listen." He said to make sure we gain the attention of anyone who will listen - be it management and officials or elected representatives - and explain that the way the MBTA is doing things isn't sufficient. He was confident that short-turning only every other train was more than enough to maintain normal service on the rest of the line, if traffic were to even build to the point where it slowed trolleys.

However, this does not explain yesterday's absurd "E"xcuse, nor does it excuse the complete lack of warning. It seems the T may be grasping at any straws it can to force a shutdown beyond Brigham Circle, whether the circumstances call for it or not.

"Complain, complain, complain. Make them listen."




Actually there is no roadway

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Actually there is no roadway construction in Brookline on Route 9 this year, it is coming from Newton this time.

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