The Groveland Diner French Toast Blizzard Survival Kit

The Blizzard Survival Kit, for sale for $6.99 today only!

The Blizzard Survival Kit, for sale for $6.99 today only!

My son and I did a bunch of work this morning getting ready for the storm and decided we'd go to the Groveland Diner for lunch before things got ridiculously bad. At the diner, I kid you not.... they are selling Blizzard Survival Kits for $6.99. A loaf of bread, a dozen eggs, and a half gallon of milk. And people were buying them! It was hysterical to sit there eating my lunch, and watching folks come in out of the snow to go home with a take out order of lunch AND the survival kit. The only things missing are a roll of toilet paper and a bottle of vodka.

It made me think of Universal Hub, and how much fun I've had over the years (seven!) that I've been here. I remember meeting a lot of people here through their Stormpocalypse postings in the past, and I had to share this with you guys.

Hope you've got your fixin's. Be safe out there everyone.




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buttah would be nice. but i'm a big proponent of the TP and vodka angle.

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