Happy 21st Amendment Day

Boston cop with South Boston still

Eighty years ago today, the failed experiment of Prohibition ended, ending scenes like this one - a Boston police officer with a raided still in South Boston.

Throughout Prohibition, news photographer Leslie Jones chronicled the ultimately futile efforts of lawmen to stem the tide of illegal booze. The BPL has a collection of his photos, including this one of federal agents dismantling "the most elaborate joint ever built in Boston," at 153 Causeway St. in 1932:

Causeway Street

Rum runner loaded with $175,000 worth of booze seized in Dorchester Bay by the Coast Guard in 1932:

Dorchester Bay

Boston Police Supt. Michael Crowley after a raid on a Tremont Street speakeasy in 1930:

Tremont Street

Police from Division 9 unload seized casks:

Division 9

Police dump beer out of a Dorchester window in 1934:

Beer dump

Photos used under this Creative Commons license.



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old boston cop

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it looks like he is waiting for the photographer to clear out so he can drink lunch.

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My grandfather would make his

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My grandfather would make his own beer in the basement. As a child my mother would hear the bottles "popping" from the cellar. What a silly law Prohibition was, same with the way they treat Marijuana now a days. Luckily they are lightening up for certain amounts of marijuana possession.

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