A hard man is good to find: Police make arrest in Orange Line perv case

Transit Police report arresting a Mattapan man on charges he masturbated on an Orange Line train on Tuesday afternoon.

Police say Ramon Antonio Baez, 25, got on an inbound train at Green Street shortly after 3:30 p.m., and sat across from a woman who'd boarded at Forest Hills:

Shortly thereafter the male removed his penis from his pants and began to masturbate while leering at the reporting party.

He then exited the train at Roxbury Crossing, police say, adding they were aided in their investigation by the photo the woman took of him with her phone.

Baez was arrested yesterday and is scheduled for arraignment in West Roxbury District Court today on a charge of open and gross lewdness, police say, adding:

We would like to applaud the reporting party for having the presence of mind to obtain a photograph of Baez. Her brave action greatly assisted investigators in this case and allowed us to hold Baez accountable for his reprehensible and criminal conduct.

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Do T Perverts go to jail?

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Or do they get sentenced and sent to halfway houses near the Red line. They then have to take the orange line to see their sex therapists.

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