Hardy Roslindalians have a parade

OK, it rained for the Roslindale parade today, but marchers - and parade-goers - were prepared, with umbrellas (well, most of them) and plastic bags for bagpipes and loudspeakers. And if the rain took out a sign or two, dancers still do catapults, kids still collected candy and candidates still worked the (maybe a bit thinner) crowds.

Rain washes troop's sign away
Bagpipes - and pipers - covered in plastic
Pressley among those candidates with an umbrella
Nobody needed his services today
Wildlife, Rozzie style
A man and his truck
Marching band, of course
Book strong
Proud to be a football



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I had a great time marching today

I had a great day marching today in Roslindale. It was my third time marching since 2008. Dan Farnkoff (whom I gave my $300 donation to and is also a great guy), President Tom Donahue, Joe (who was in charge of the group on Firth Street), Andrew Cousino, and the rest of the crew did a great job once again organizing the parade especially in the rain.

It was amazing even though it rained, many people lined the streets and many house parties took place on porches along the route.

Thank you Roslindale. I look forward to marching again next year if the great voters choose me as Democratic nominee for Suffolk Sheriff.

Here's a great pic of the parade: http://twitter.yfrog.com/mgownxpj?sa=0

Mr. Dvdoff missed, ah say,

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Mr. Dvdoff missed, ah say, missed a big oppahtoonity to gitcha, son!

Don't worry, Doug...

if the great voters choose me as Democratic nominee for Suffolk Sheriff.

They won't. And only $300.00? After all of the times you misidentified Dan as me here and in the Herald, you could have least kicked a G, "Roslindale Ronnie". I hope you at least apologized. Who are you going to accuse me of being next? Swirly?