Hey, this is a local storm; we're not going to let some cable channel tell us what to call it, right?

Jordan Graham localizes the storm.

Via Steve Annear.



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This is completely out of hand. The Weather Channel and friends are just doing this to make it easier to drum up more media about an upcoming storm.

As a volunteer for the National Weather Service (Skywarn), I really believe the naming of storms should be reserved for tropical systems/hurricanes/typhoons.

Someone or some agency really needs to rein the buffoons in....

/end of rant
//stepping down from soapbox

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TWC Owned By NBC Parent

The Weather Channel is owned by the parent of the NBC Networks. It might be interesting to see if the NBC Broadcast Network's Nightly News tonight, Friday, and Saturday call the storm "Nemo", or MSNBC or CNBC for that matter. It's certain that no other entities will do it.

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I have a theory

And I know it's a stretch, but:

Homeowners'/renters' insurance policies typically have an elevated deductible, or some other kind of exclusion, for "named storms" that are named by the National Weather Service.

Having nor'easters and other nontropical storms being named in popular media is one step along the way towards getting the NWS to start doing it.

Now, where's that tinfoil hat?

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