Hot time on Dot Ave.

Dorchester Day dancer

Dorchester didn't let a little heat and humidity stop its parade. And it was Dorchester's usual grand mixture of cultures and themes - ARVN veterans preceded Revolutionary Minutemen, a Pilgrim marched alongside a space capsule:

Pilgrim and capsule

As always, the Dot Out float consisted of people looking like they were going to keep partying long after the parade ended:

Dot Out

I don't think this guy was a formal part of the parade, but he happily marched up Dot Ave. with his iguana and snake:


Pretty much every mayoral candidate marched, except for parade-boycotting David Portnoy. Local boy Marty Walsh took top honors for largest contingent, for being the one candidate who did not sweat at all (at least not as of Ashmont, and in a white dress shirt and tie no less) and for having the smallest campaign car:


Hydration was key:


Dorchester's Vietnamese community may not cotton much to the current rulers of Vietnam, but they do take the country's side in territorial disputes with China:


Weighed down by the yoke of vulture capitalism:

Weighed down by the yoke of vulture capitalism

The joy at seeing the walking Dunkin' cups was tempered this year by the realization they were probably going to have to stop at Carney Hospital to be checked out for heat stroke:

Dunkin' marchers



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The Dunkin Donut....

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... ended up weaving and then getting into a air conditioned (I assume) vehicle around Sudan Street.

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I wonder

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if the Veterans For Peace marched or asked to march in the Dot Day Parade?

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They were in the parade.

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