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Hyde Park's newest restaurant opens tonight

The Fairmount Grill, where Townsends used to be on Fairmount Avenue, opens at 5 p.m.

H/t Mike Ball.

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...it's not the last.. The Square is in need of a few good places to eat. Zaz is really good and The Hyde is good as well.

The Square really needs a good brunch/lunch place as well as a nice bar to hang out at..

All the empty storefronts really angers me. Hopefully this will be the first of some welcome change.

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Alas, The Hyde suddenly shut a little over a week ago. Brian hied to Maine. He did run it there for about 4 and 1/2 years though.

The area does need a couple better-than-OK restaurants. It also needs the MBTA to cut the silliness and drop the fare to the Hyde Park and Fairmount stations to subway prices instead of several times that...on a par with West Meford at $2. The Indigo plan calls for more parking as well. All would make business sense.

Rincon has good food, particularly their goat stew. Some others like Las Vegas Seafood are really only take-out.

Logan Square would do well with two solid restaurants with full bars. (Annabell's just below Cleary Square is not what I have in mind.)

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NO way! I was wondering why it was dark in there the last week or so.

The Indigo line will be a great benefit to the neighborhood, subway fair to both stops will help. I have no problem with many salons and barbershops, but I would like to see some sort of diversity in the types of businesses.

Seeing a place like Rox Diner, which is in West Roxbury, open a new business in Newton burns me. A diner or coffee shop in downtown Logan Square or Cleary would do well. I know that there was one previously in Logan Square, and it seemed to do good foot-traffic. Why not a Starbucks? Just that alone could drive some sales for local businesses.

Rincon is very good, have you tried Zaz? Their salmon burger and plantains are flat out amazing.

I might try to join the Main Streets to offer some help.

No comment on Annabelle's.

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So happy Fairmount Grille is opening up over a year after Townsends Closed.

Very disapointed about The Hyde closing - don't have anywhere to go for brunch on Sundays anymore :( Although it felt like a breakfast / lunch place trying to serve dinner when I went there at night.

Rincon is good but never anyone eating there, mostly a dancing crowd when there is a DJ there on weekends.

Annabelles is pretty good and has been busy recently.

Even Master McGrath's is a decent dive bar to go to every once in a while.

The food is excellent at ZAZ but not big enough to have atmosphere.

Overall - too many vacant storefronts!

Really need the adjacent residents to come down to the squares instaed of going to Dedham, Milton, etc.

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...or rather we were.


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