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Hyde Park's town/gown problem

Yes, Hyde Park has a town/gown problem. James Thomas, one of the owners of Master McGrath's on River Street, told the Boston Licensing Board today that Thursdays are Curry College nights and that the bar employs two door people to check IDs and make sure only students from the college just over the line in Milton get in.

"Locals and the Curry kids kind of don't mix too well in that area," he explained.

Thomas was before the board to do some other explaining - about a report from two Boston Police detectives on a routine inspection who found more people in the bar than allowed by its permit, as well as an underage Curry student on Feb. 7 (a Curry night).

Thomas said one of his doorman's counts showed the bar was exactly at its capacity of 65 - a detective said he counted 91 people. He had no explanation for the underage drinker - but denied a police account that there was no doorman at the door when the two detectives arrived.

The board decides Thursday what action, if any, to take against the bar.



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typically less than ten people so glad they packed the place atleast one night!!

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