On Jamaica Pond

Geese on the move on Jamaica Pond

We spent a some time on the north side of Jamaica Pond today, watching the geese (and some ducks and one seagull) flocked around the one remaining patch of open water on the pond (what looks like open water near the boathouse in the photos below is actually ice):

Toward the boathouse on Jamaica Pond

Trees on a Jamaica Pond island

Oh, yeah, a couple of people decided to walk on the pond. They didn't fall in (once, lots of people could be found on Jamaica Pond).

People on Jamaica Pond



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"Oh, yeah, a couple of people

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"Oh, yeah, a couple of people decided to walk on the pond."

Yeah, and there are signs everywhere warning people NOT TO because the ice isn't remotely safe.

Walking on the ice is a stupid novelty - you're not just endangering bystanders, who may be tempted to try and rescue you, and first responders. You're also encouraging others to go out on the ice.

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Like one of these signs ...

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Those two stayed relatively near the shore, but you could see footprints leading from the shore near this sign across the sort of little inlet to the left of the island to the other side of that inlet.

Warning sign

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