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Let's see what the 8-ball says (T edition)

Heading home after lunch with my inamorato, I was caught in the afternoon rainstorm. I boarded the CT1 bus at the corner of Huntington Ave and Massachusetts Ave. The CT1 is the "Express" version of the #1 bus that runs all the way from Harvard Square, Cambridge down Mass Ave to Dudley Square in Roxbury. It has fewer stops than the regular #1 bus.

Me (boarding): "Does this bus stop at Tremont Street?"
Driver: "Hmm ... Well ..."
Me: "Not sure?"
Driver: "Not sure."
Me: "Let's see what happens?"
Driver: "Let's see what happens."

It may not have been his regular route.

FYI: It does!

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This is not the bus you're looking for.

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CT1 starts in Central, not Harvard.

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He didn't say the CT1 started in Harvard. He said the 1 started in Harvard. And before we get into stupid argument about his sentence being unclear -- I don't care -- I knew what he meant.

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Does having fewer stops really accomplish anything?

The CT1 still stops at all the busy stops that take a lot of time. Skipping a quiet stop which would take 5-10 seconds for 1 or 2 people to board doesn't really speed things up.

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So I am keenly reminded of the time my elderly and partially blind mother boarded a #51 at Forest Hills and was destine for the end of the line, but the driver who was ordered to take the route, didn't know all of it (not qualified) and was handed a copy of the T schedule for that route and told to follow the map.

With mom set riding shotgun, she guided the bus the whole way, and still paid the fare.

She also issued the caveat that the route was slightly different due to a couple of one-way streets on the way back. The driver was seen soliciting for a similar aid for the trip back.

Also... for months the #8 and #16 didn't know where to stop at UMASS. They perennially passed waiting people, stopped all kinds of places (still do sometimes), and on a good day may stop at the wrong place on campus that is far better than where the current stop is.

I can report that neither stop at Tremont Street - yet.

Lets all remember the T bus under the low bridge in Westwood. Not the right turn and not the right bridge, but gee it looked a lot like what the real route should be.

Stay strong.

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