Lexington wants $1 million to replace what it says is the little fire engine that couldn't

The town of Lexington has sued a Louisiana firetruck company, alleging the company sold it a lemon of a firetruck that has problems ranging from steering, transmission and brake failures to a water gun going off by itself.

In its suit, filed earlier this month, the town wants Ferrara Fire Apparatus to reimburse it the $500,000 cost of Engine 2, the $465,000 Town Meeting appropriated earlier this year to buy a replacement, the money the town's already spent on non-warranty servicing and lawyer's fees. Plus, the town wants "multiple damages" for its problems with the troublesome truck.

The town originally sued Ferrara in Middlesex Superior Court; Ferrara last week had the case transferred to US District Court in Boston.

In its suit, the town said it's been forced to take Engine 2 out of service at least 24 times since it accepted delivery in 2010 - including eight times this year - and that it's been forced to use an old engine at the East Lexington fire station as a substitute for the 274 total days the vehicle has been in the shop.


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