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Lighting the tree in Roslindale one last time

Menino and switch

Mayor contemplates the switch he just threw for the last time as mayor.

As he's done for longer than many of the people in attendance have been alive, Tom Menino threw the ceremonial switch that lit up the Christmas tree in Adams Park in Roslindale - which was part of his city-council district when he suddenly became mayor in 1993.

After getting out of his Tahoe, the mayor gave an impromptu press conference (he's against the arbitrator's award to the police union), posed for a few pictures, then walked - with the help of his can shaped like a baseball bat - to the stage. After urging those assembled to shop locally, right there in Roslindale, he lit the tree after a countdown, then listened as a Sacred Heart choir sang Christmas songs:

Sacred Heart kids singing

A brass quartet also provided music:


The big man arrived in a firetruck and worked the crowd before sitting down and getting to the business of hearing requests.


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With out the scissors.

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